Everyone loves Liberty! He is the funniest horse around and is always cracking jokes with Rush Revere and the Crew. Liberty makes exploring American history truly FUN!

Do you have a Liberty Plush? You can see pictures of fellow adventurers holding Liberty’s mini-me and reading the Adventures of Rush Revere Series below!

Enter the Read with Liberty Challenge!

1) Hold on to your Liberty Plush as you read the Rush Revere Series.

2) Take a picture/video of yourself or your class “Reading with Liberty”!

3) Write a short letter to Liberty describing your favorite Rush Revere adventure.

4) Submit your entry below!

Good luck!

Oooooooohhhhh Cool Prizes!

• Liberty and Team Revere will review your entries every month.

• ALL submissions will receive a special photo signed by Liberty!

• PRIZE PACKS!!! Top entries will win a special Liberty Prize Pack and hear directly from Team Revere!

• PIZZA PARTIES!!! Top class/group entries will win a special pizza party and hear directly from Team Revere!